Friday, 19 March 2010

Passing a Small Milestone

Today we had the first visit with our social worker for our homestudy. I have to admit, I was a nervous wreck before the meeting. Randy was cool as a unfair! Why can't he spaz while I relax for once??? When all was said and done though, the meeting went very well. Our social worker is simply wonderful!

We had our first physicals yesterday and got a clean bill of health. Next on our list is applying for our passports this coming week so that they are back in time to work on our dossier. So, the process marches on! And may I say, it can't happen fast enough! I don't know how it's possible to miss someone so much that I haven't yet met, but there's a hole in each day where Natalya belongs. Please continue to pray with us as we work to bring her home!

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