Thursday, 24 February 2011

2 years old...

Today Nathan turned two. In an orphanage. On another continent. We met him five months ago this week and never thought that it would take this long to get back to him. Please pray with us that God will keep our sweet boy safe and healthy and that He will make the path smooth with our paperwork. We miss Nathan like crazy and want nothing more than to have him at home with us, safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday sweet Nathan! You are very much loved!

Bree said...

Hello I am Julia. My older sister has a blog
I love Natalya very much! I am going to post about her on my sisters blog soon! My older sister is trying to help Angelina! Angelina is very sweet too! God loves us all! I am very happy that Nathan is going home! God is Good!

In Him,

Blogging Friend said...

Have you guys heard anything about a possible court date yet?
It has been a while since you updated so just curious on how things are going.


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