Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hanging Out

Yesterday afternoon we got to see Nathan for a little while. It finally stopped raining here, so we went on a walk.

Nathan loved being outside, but I think in his opinion, stopping to take pictures was highly overrated! He wanted to go near the bushes so he could touch everything. Pretty soon, he was trying to climb out and explore, so Dad carried him:0) By the look on Nathan's face, I think he was a little disappointed that we didn't let him crawl around...and he might have been thinking, "I can't believe they made me wear this hat!" LOL!

The hour passed very quickly, and after hugs and kisses we returned him to his groupa. We'll get to see him again in about a week. Gotcha day is projected to be June 8, although I hope it will be sooner:-) Until then, we have lots of time to walk around Nathan's birth city and explore. It is truely a beautiful place.

Today we walked around near the hotel and found this beautiful church.

From what we understand, the original church was destroyed during the era of communism. It appears that it has been rebuilt on part of the original foundation. That's what we think the plaque in front of it is about, but of course we can't read it...

Because no good thing should be experienced without an effort and because this city has a lot of hills, we had a few stairs to climb to get to the church:-) This picture was taken about half way up them... Of course, Randy wasn't even winded, but I wanted to lay down and take a nap when we got to the top! After we saw the church we went down another huge stair case. Did I mention that I love going DOWN stairs? At the bottom we found a statue of a man. Obviously he's important...I think he may be a famous writer. You can't see it really in this picture, but he's holding a quill pen. Then we happened upon this pretty fountain...
There are lots of nice wooded walkways. The trees and flower displays are in bloom and the air smells sweet from the perfume of the flowers. These are just some views of the stores and streets on the way back to our hotel.

There are so many more things to see and experience. I'll try to post more pics as the days go along. We are happy to have such an opportunity to see Nathan's birth city. We'll have such cool things to tell him about as he grows up!

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