Thursday, 12 August 2010

Farewell, Natalya

Nothing could have prepared us for a call from our agency letting us know that Natalya was no longer available for adoption. Our lovely girl has a happy ending. Her family has taken her home from the orphanage.

I feel selfish to be so sad, in the light of God's blessing to Natalya and her family. We are asking God to give us the courage to let her go and to go on with this journey we started. We know that there are other children in Natalya's orphanage that still face the horrors of a mental institution if they reach the age of four without being adopted. Please pray with us as we ask God to show us which child to bring home.

And to Natalya: You are in our hearts forever, sweet girl. You will never know how greatly two strangers across the ocean loved you. However, we hope your joy is complete with your birth family. May God bless you and keep you.


Jodi said...

Thinking about sad for you.

Praying for Gods will to show itself in your family.

Stay strong and keep the faith.


Molly said...

I am
So sorry to hear this.

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

I had a lovely chat with you today on fb. You and your husband are lovely people with the heart of God for orphans.

I know your hearts are breaking but I can't help but think that it was YOUR prayers and spiritual warfare on her behalf that DID bring her home... even if it wasn't the way you expected.

We are praying for you as you seek which child is going to be the one that comes home with you and are praising God for your hearts, even though they are a bit bruised right now, they are still in the right place.

You are a blessing...

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