Thursday, 16 December 2010

God has been working in amazing ways with our adoption funding! Our latest rummage sale in Chamberlain made $1200 and we have received two large donations totaling $6000 to our Reeces' Rainbow Family Grant Fund! Nathan's country fee is now raised as well as all of the airfare to and from his birth country. We are still working to raise the rest of the adoption costs (dossier completion, hotels, medical exams, translators, facilitator fees, drivers, embassy fees, visa fees, and other in-country costs) and remain optimistic that we will raise the total amount needed to bring Nathan home! We are very grateful to our friends and family for helping us as we work toward our goal.

We are in the process of completing more paper work for our dossier because the judge from Nathan's region has changed some of the requirements this week. Our agency is projecting that we may be traveling in Feburary for court. We are praying that God moves the paper work and money mountains to make this happen. Nathan's second birthday is February 24th. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he could celebrate it as a son, cousin, nephew, and grandson instead of as an orphan?

This week we got word from our agency that Nathan is healthy and eating okay. No word though on whether he is walking or talking yet. I still wish we had been able to press a "pause" button on him...we don't want to miss another minute of seeing him grow and learn. I miss his sweet little spirit, his funny little mannerisms, his joy at the simplest things. We can't wait to hold our precious boy again! I hope it's soon:-)


schoolmother said...

Your son is just adorable. I am sorry you are having to wait so long to see him again.

Kat said...

Praise God!!!! I love how God provides!!!

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