Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mountains Are Moving!

Less than two weeks ago, we still had a huge amount of money to raise for Nathan's adoption. $12,000 to be exact. God has been doing some serious moving of our finacial mountain. Here are some of the ways He has been working:

1. A $5000 grant from the Gift of Adoption.
2. A $3000 grant from Katelyn's Fund.
3. A $2,000 donation from our church organization.
4. $300 in donations to our Family Grant Fund at Reece's Rainbow.

Last night, after getting word about the Katelyn's Fund grant and the donation from our church organization, I was over the moon. Our son is actually in reach. We only have $1,700 dollars left to raise! I am quite sure that with God's help we will reach this goal! To get started, we are going to be hosting a Indian Taco and Menudo fundraiser this weekend in Lower Brule. Donations to our Reece's Rainbow FSP are also welcome:-) Just click on the sponsor button at the top of our blog.

So, for all of you who have prayed so hard for the finances to come in, we only havea little bit to go! Our main focus now can shift to finishing up the paperwork for our dossier. Some documents have been very difficult to get completed as the judge has tightened the requirements for families adopting from Nathan's region. Please pray that God will help us get this dossier done so that we can get a court date soon. It would completely awesome if we could have our dossier translated and submitted by Nathan's 2nd birthday on February 24th.


WalkOnWaterMom said...

Oh, congratulations! That is huge, I will continue to pray for his provisions and perfect timing in making everything come together. I know people in this economy are tightening their belts and others not willing to take on extra expenses. But you are stepping out in faith, and trusting in our God who provides against the odds of the Economy! Praise the Lord the score is:
Economy - 0 Jensen's - 1
Prayers still headed your way! Your little Nathan will be home soon!

Bree said...

Wow! I am so happy for you! Nathan is an little angel! He really needed some love from a Mommy and Daddy. He looks so different than before you found him!


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